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Strawberry White Chocolate @ Brunchies All Day

Strawberry White Chocolate Cake forms part of the signature white Chocolate with Straberry series. Our chefs have combined the white Chocolate Flecks-a deep choco flavor with Strawberry! Perfect to celebrate any occasion.

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Valentine Day Special

Valentine Day Special

Valentine's Day is celebrated by lovers with symbol of Love. Thus one cannot express it without heart shape cake. We do respect lovers and their true love who cares in all aspects. We do have a wide collections of valentine cake for lovers to plac... Read more

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Cakes are possibly love personified. We wouldn’t be describing anything less for these master class visuals than the term ‘love’. It is imperative from the demands of such bakery items that people across the globe celebrate any and every occasion with the cutting of a cake, big or small. At ‘My Dear Cakes’, we have a strong team of experts in dessert making and baking processes. Our aim has been therefore the arousal of interest in our products, based on various marketing strategies, immaculate photographs and online presence and to give people in Chennai some of the best tastes in cake recipes.

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